What does the UN General Assembly Want from Israel?

“If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions” ~ Abba Eban

Last week the United Nations General Assembly adopted yet another resolution condemning Israel. This time it’s for her use of ‘excessive force’ against Palestinian protesters, in the wake of the recent violence at the Gaza border. This isn’t, of course, the first time the UNGA blamed Israel (which is probably the understatement of era because if you check out the UNGA’s Emergency Sessions you may get the impression that they convene for no other reason than to condemn Israel; practically no other crisis in the world merits their attention except events in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem).

What stands out now, though, is the fact that Hamas wasn’t even mentioned as being a party to the violence. Sure, the Assembly condemned the rockets fired into Israel from Gaza but who fired them? Dumbo the elephant? The United States tried to insert a clause into the resolution which would’ve held Hamas responsible for the violence, too. But that clause was rejected.

Now, think about this: Over the past few weeks, the ruling political party of the Palestinians openly called for the murder of Israelis, sent women and children to the border (where they know violence would occur; this is the nice way of saying it, the more accurate description is that Hamas employs the most innocent and vulnerable civilians as human shields), flew kites carrying firebombs across the border, threw Molotov cocktails, and tried (and on occasion succeeded) in cutting the border fence and yelling blue bloody murder each time they get through.

And the UN refuses to include a paragraph in its resolution to name this group, Hamas, as being even partially responsible for the violence? Let that sink in (see Note 1).

Excessive force?

Out of more than thirty thousand protesters rioting around the fence, a huge majority of those killed were militants. Of the sixty or so protesters who were killed by IDF snipers (see Note 2), about fifty of them were Hamas militants i.e. combatants. If that isn’t selective targeting, what is? Yet, Israel-haters still claim that the IDF indiscriminately shoots at ‘innocent civilians’ and uses ‘excessive force’. I swear if the IDF can be accused of ‘excessive force’ then how do you define ‘non-excessive’ force? Should the IDF just use water balloons and foul language?

What does the world expect the IDF to do when you have thousands of people who have been explicitly ordered to kill Israelis charging your border fence? Does anybody truly believe the Gaza protesters are like peaceful Bersih protesters?

Now, imagine if a serious breach in the fence occurred and hundreds of protesters streamed through (like that scene in Infinity War where the alien Outriders were allowed in through a gap in the Wakanda force-field). Should the IDF then just stand by and let these marauding killers invade Israeli towns? Clearly, should that have happened, many more Palestinians would have died.

In fact, it is precisely because the IDF was attempting to limit the body-count that they had to shoot dozens of protesters, who were themselves bent on bloodshed anyway.

Hamas, on the other hand, seems to have the power to incite and commit violence with more or less absolute impunity. And the latest resolution only empowers them to put even more Palestinian and Israeli lives in dangers.

In fact, the next time we see those depressing photos of Gaza, my suggestion would be to put aside the Israel hated for about two seconds and remember that Hamas─which is, again, the ruling government of Gaza─has, since before 2014, built over thirty tunnels under Gaza with the objective of kidnapping or killing Israelis. The estimated cost of these tunnels is about USD90 million. And over the past fifteen years, Hamas has fired more than twenty thousand rockets into Israel. These rockets cost about USD800 per piece. Do the math.

And let’s not talk about the private planes and luxury villas owned by Hamas leaders.

Yes, Israeli bombs do tear into the city, but when Gaza’s leaders behave like terrorists, threaten to destroy Israel and spend the bulk of foreign-aid on war machines and their own 5-star assets, pointing the finger solely at Israel without denouncing Hamas becomes morally reprehensible.

If the world is serious about ending the plight of Palestinians, it may help if they start focusing on the biggest enemy. Spoiler alert: It’s not Israel.

Note 1: 62 countries voted in favour of including an amendment into the resolution condemning Hamas. 58 countries were against. Although this was a majority, the amendment failed because a two-thirds majority is required for the amendment to pass.

Note 2: Gaza health officials report more 120 dead from the protests, with no further details of how they died. The only report on deaths agreed on by both Hamas and the IDF was the number killed by sniper fire which is about 60 protesters. Out of that more than 80% were Hamas members.

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