True love is about believ(ing) in appearances, in a sublime dimension which ‘shines through’ an appearance.

Love emerges in fleeting experiences, say, “Through the gentle smile of a beautiful woman, or even through the warm, caring smile of a person whom may otherwise seem ugly and rude: in such miraculous but extremely fragile moments, another dimension transpires through our reality. As such, love is easily corroded; it slips all too easily through our fingers, and must be handled as carefully as butterfly.”

Apostle Paul’s claim that “Without love, I am nothing” (1Cor 13) is not simply that with love, I am ‘something’. Because in love, I am ALSO nothing but, as it were, a Nothing humbly aware of itself, a Nothing paradoxically made rich through the very awareness of its lack.

(Summarized from ‘Fragile Absolute’)

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.