If we view our cash and assets as we do our food, we get to enjoy everything without:

  • deriving status (or, worse, power) from it (a dinner plate and a Big Mac are neutral, power-wise)
  • obsessing about tomorrow (there will be enough food tomorrow, period — in fact, for most people in the 1st world the problem is too much food, not too little; ditto with money)
  • prioritising accumulation (gathering and keeping more and more French Fries doesn’t make sense; neither, indeed, does buying more and more houses)
  • comparing what you have with others (who cares if you have more pasta on your plate? likewise, why care about who has larger numbers in their bank account?)

When we view money and assets the way we do food (and clothing, etc.), the former’s hold on us evaporates.

And life becomes better.

Try it?

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

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