Questions for ‘Connectivist’ Learning Aspirants

Geroge Siemens’ 2004 theory of learning, Connectivism, came out before Facebook did. The world, unsurprisingly, was more interested in tweaking our profile pages than in aligning our education to Siemens view of how learning in a cyber-age can no longer be divorced from the number and levels of connections we make.

To iterate, according to Siemens, someone has only successfully ‘learnt’ if (and only if) said person has connected his materials to other learners(be they human or artificial) to stimulate divergent trajectories and viewpoints.

A quick listing of questions cum indicators to those eager to, well, connect with connectivism (some are familiar and easy, some less so):

  1. Are you constantly upgrading your knowledge the way you upgrade your software and phones?
  2. How much is A.I. incorporated into your subject-area? Google is getting smarter, online marketing is getting smarter, our cars and fridges are getting smarter, goal-lines are getting smarter, watches are getting smarter — is your learning getting ‘smarter’?
  3. How much “remixing” and personalization of your learning do you do? How much personal choice is involved?
  4. If education can be modelled after Uber/Grab, what would it look like? What variations of learning are there? Think about the ‘teacher’, the ‘student’, who prepares the ‘lesson’, how it’s delivered, etc.
  5. How are you filtering your learning? What mechanisms have you put in place to control bias, avoid group-think, etc.?
  6. How are you sharing your learning? What levels of collaboration do you engage in?

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.