Maszlee Malik and ‘dakwah’

The day after Christmas and Malaysians are into another inter-religious shite-storm.

Granted Maszlee Malik could’ve chosen a better word, the meaning of ‘dakwah’ has morphed beyond ‘prosyletisation’ or ‘conversion’; today it’s more about bearing good Muslim WITNESS in the world, sharing the values and teachings of Islam via one’s life.

This is a poor analogy, but it’s a bit like Malaysians being told to remain abroad to be good ambassadors of our country (rather than trying to get people to become Malaysian citizens) ‘Dakwah’ today requires more humility, dialogue, respect, seeking common ground, etc.

In other words, ‘dakwah’ is less MISSION and more MISSIONAL.

(Am researching more on this, later).

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

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