Is Trump being racist when he called Covid-19 the “Chinese” Virus?

  1. O’nyong-nyong fever from Uganda — the word means “severe joint pain” in the language of the Acholi people of East Africa (yes I googled this haha)
  2. Junin virus — named after a city in north-central Argentina, where the virus was disocvered
  3. Oropouche virus — named after the region (in South America) where it was first discoverd, particularly near the Oropouche River in Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Marburg disease — first outbreak was in a research lab in Marburg, Germany
  5. LaCrosse encephalitis and St. Louis encephalitis — both named after the cities where they were first happened
  6. Lassa fever — first appeared in Nigeria in a town called, well, Lassa
  7. Lyme Disease — an infection caused by ticks which had already appeared for many decades in Germany, but only became common in the mid 1970s’ when there was an outbreak in Old Lyme, Connecticut
  8. Ebola — first identified in Yambuku, 111 kilometers from the Ebola River (I got this from Wiki)



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Alwyn Lau

Alwyn Lau


Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.