If you think the 10 Commandments are tough…

The 10 commandments brought down the mountain by Moses are nothing compared to today’s ‘commandments’. The latter, because they are NOT inscribed on official documents (let alone stone tablets) render them even more severe, obligatory, pressurizing and subject-forming.

This is to say that at least people can (and do) self-consciously react to religious laws, but what about habitus-forming ‘laws’ which come at us through culture, media and so on?

The below are a few I’ve identified as irresistible among modern-day liberals. It’s not a matter of ‘fighting’ these — people barely know they’re even subject to these laws, many of which have been artificially ‘naturalised’. Here goes:

  1. Thou shalt always keep up with mobile technology; and thou better spend more than four fifths of your waking life scrolling through shit you really don’t need to read
  2. Thou shalt make crap-loads of money and show it off or, better yet, act like you don’t need it
  3. Thou shalt look like America’s (or Asia’s) Next Top Model, at pain of social rejection; in other words, thou shalt possess high sex-appeal even if it kills you
  4. Thou shalt signal your impeccable political virtues by taking a swipe at the ‘obvious’ bad guys like Trump or Israel every chance you get (and especially if folks around you are doing it)
  5. Thou shalt publicly show you care for the environment, even if that means spending a ridiculous amount on gourmet coffee
  6. Thou shalt be ‘cultured’ and ‘a Success’, whatever these entail or consist of
  7. Thou shalt photograph (and even video) everything which even looks marginally ‘cool’
  8. Thou shalt subscribe to a brand of philosophy loosely described as ‘New Age’ whereby the only god thou can (politically correctly) say exists is the nameless, non-characteristic, non-emotive, pseudo-generic one living inside ‘all of us’ (whether we like it or not)
  9. Thou shalt refuse any serious alternatives to a world-system other than Capitalism; and thou shalt respect all cultures and worldviews, including those which seek to destroy other cultures


10. Thou shalt love travel and prove it with a million photos on Instagram

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.