Helping Malaysian Care

Alwyn Lau
2 min readOct 26, 2023

Sad to hear that Malaysian Care has a RM1.4 million deficit.

This urban Christians ministry has been around more than 40 years helping abused ppl, prisoners, addicts, the disabled, etc.

I spent 6 months at their Prison, Drugs & AIDS Division in ’02. Among my many eye-opening experiences:

  • going to the back streets and alleys behind KL buildings, passing out (or just leaving) bread and pamphlets to folks living in boxes
  • being within 2 feet of a lady with AIDS who was also, uh, filled with open sores, in Jln Alor
  • “throwing” bread inside a monsoon drain for a guy living inside it (he crawled out to say thanks), also in Jln Alor
  • walking shit-scared inside an abandoned house near Ampang because Steve my sifu said sometimes there are ppl staying inside; we only found lots of food containers, cans and dirty mattresses. I was shaking as I entered the place, but Steve put a hand on my shoulder and said it’s okay
  • serving curry chicken and rice to about 50 rehab folks looking like ex-cons in the middle of nowhere; on the way there a former addict said that all junkies have that “look” in their eyes, but I didn’t
  • sitting and singing hymns as part of a circle which included recovering addicts

FYI, the donation link at

Pls help if you can or share the links with anyone you know?

Thank you.



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