Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Slavoj Zizek : Both!

Ernesto Laclau : The universal form of ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ are empty signifiers which are constantly filled in hegemonically invested content…the key question is: whose interests do existing definitions of ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ serve and what lies have they been telling to generalised their version of emancipation to the rest of society?

Michel Foucault : The concepts of ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ are insidious ideological trappings to create subjectivation to the powers that be…we must break free from the subjective imprisonment engendered by our acceptance of the concepts of ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ as part of our world!

Judith Butler : I don’t know, but we must challenge the heterosexuality of the ‘chicken’ and constantly engage in performative contradictions on which present power-systems rely…the way forward is to STOP thinking male and female chickens!

Open Theist : Not even God knows…

Calvinist : It’s God’s sovereign will that the question was posed, that people ask it (and receive numerous answers), that most get the wrong answer and only some get it right (though — through divine decree — not many are sure if they’re right) and it’s His will that this question will be continually asked over time. For His glory, of course — it can’t be for anything else.

Gilles Deleuze : Before either of them, there were experiences, connections and molecular units which, over time, crystalized themselves — via concepts and social convention — into ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’…

Chinese : Can eat or not? (no further questions)

Pentecostalist : Hallelujah! Now what does this have to do with the power of the HO-ly Spirit??!!

Martin Luther : We have to take it on faith.

Wittgenstein : What kind of game are you playing?

Left / Liberal Activists: We must engage in healthy civic dialogue and discussions in order to explore and construct new models of integration. It’s important to understand the world-contexts of not only the two terms — ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ — but also how various people perceive them. And btw here’s a link I found interesting…

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