One of the most important ‘normals’ the pandemic and lockdown have overhauled is our modes of meeting, learning and conferencing. …

From comprehension to correlation.

From interpretation (or explanation) to prediction.

From prevention (via the transformations of social conditions which influence subjective behaviour) to pre-emption (of undesired behaviour).

From individual narrativizing to total environmental surveillance.

1. Being unable to distinguish humor from non-humor

2. Refusing to discard one’s beliefs in the face of overwhelming and unequivocal evidence against them.

(And, of course, the famous one…)

3. Doing something over and over again, expecting a different result.

Last week, there was an uproar in the American state of Texas related to a law which banned abortion providers from carrying out terminations after foetal cardiac activity is detected. The United States Supreme Court voted 5–4 for non-intervention, thus allowing the law to take effect. …

I know this theory can never be tested properly but is it possible that one reason — among the myriad of reasons — why Malaysia has for a few months now become a ‘mini India’ in terms of positive cases and death rate is because our society is among the…

Did Paul the apostle, possibly the greatest and most influential Christian evangelist and writer, ever marry? There are at least 3 options to this question.

1. He didn’t marry

This is unlikely, given his status as a Pharisee. Most Jews of the first century, especially those as staunchly religious as…


(This piece was turned into a podcast; check it out)

Crane accidents. Go-kart racing mishaps. Falling pedestrian bridges. Cancer. Earthquakes. The fear of death has to be the most natural human fear ever. I think, though, that it may be among the most irrational i.e.

My kid asked me the other day why God doesn’t appear to us face to face, why all the ‘hiding’ and invisibility.

I’m not sure she was serious (we were walking on the way to McD’s and she mentioned it between an observation about why the sky turned so dark…

At a recent event with college students, someone posed this question on the online Q&A, “How do you know Christianity is real? Every religion claims that they are real and they also have historical facts and miracles working in their religion.”

I’d like to take a stab at the question…

Douglas Campbell is one of the world’s top 20 (if not 10) Pauline scholars around, and this book will likely cement this position.

Pauline Dogmatics is named after Campbell’s theological hero, Karl Barth (and HIS big book) and is a systematic theology based on Paul’s letters (from which Campbell excludes…

Alwyn Lau

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

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