I was checking out some resources regarding the ‘Christmas Star’ (spurred by interest in the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn tomorrow), came across Lee Strobel’s “Case for Christmas” (published more than 15 years ago) and wanted to share his opening story of a 60 y.o. grandma and her grand-daughters. What a remarkable story, hope it ‘hits’ you as much as it did me. Here goes:

The Chicago Tribune newsroom was eerily quiet on the day before Christmas. As I sat at my desk with little to do, my mind kept wandering back to a family I had encountered a month earlier while I was working on a series of articles about Chicago’s neediest people. The Delgados — sixty-year-old Perfecta and her granddaughters Lydia and Jenny — had been burned out of their roach-infested tenement and were now living in a tiny two-room apartment on the West Side. As I walked in, I couldn’t believe how empty it was. …


Alwyn Lau

Edu-trainer, Žižek studies, amateur theologian, columnist.

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